"The hot press of body to body was dizzying, like nothing he had imagined, more fierce and delicious than the most delirious music. He kissed her again and again, each time harder, savoring the texture of her lips under his, the taste of her mouth, until the intensity of it threatened to tip over from pleasure into pain."
— Jem Carstairs and Tessa Gray, An Offering of Moonlight (via mrscarstairs)


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make me choose

myfriendimsorry asked: the avengers or and the guardians of the galaxy


tw: suicide!!!

honestly though why are people shocked that Will would have committed suicide upon Jem’s death??? Like it’s made explicitly clear in the books that Will is unhealthily dependent on Jem, and it’s implied that Will was suicidal before Jem came along, and would have been afterwards.


All of these pictures are taken within a month of each other

makeup at nº 21 ready to wear fall/winter 2014.


I’m currently reading The Hobbit (again) but I decided to get my next book ready and I just looked at my shelves and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO READ NEXT. Help a fellow booker out!?

Nei­ther alive nor dead. The world swam around me, sparkles of col­or danc­ing be­fore my eyes. The lack of food had made me dizzy, and I was on the verge of faint­ing. I had to stay in con­trol here. I had to ask the next ques­tion. Out of all the vic­tims…out of all the vic­tims they could have cho­sen, sure­ly they wouldn’t have picked him.


no but imagine

When Will’s turned on, he moans Tessa’s shortened name, “Tess.”

When Jem’s turned on, he moans Tessa’s full name, “Theresa.”


In The Infernal Devices, I’ve seen this mistake a lot, and I feel the urge to correct it.

There are 2 different necklaces associated with Jem.


The jade pendant is the one in the shape of a fist, made from jade, and given to Jem from Will. Jem wears it around his neck.

It is not the…